Financing Expertise & Resources

When and how you need them

Financing Expertise & Resources

When and how you need them

Financing Expertise & Resources

When and how you need them

Financing Expertise & Resources

When and how you need them

Financing Expertise & Resources

When and how you need them

Looking for a Strategic Capital Partner?




Deviser Capital Partners Inc. is a private equity and investment firm that partners with companies across a wide range of industries that require corporate finance expertise and additional capital to take advantage of their unique business opportunities.

Scope of Service

The range of services we offer spans from business development and financing to the realization of acquisitions and divestitures.

Financing Solutions

We lead capital raises for our clients seeking funding by structuring effective financing solutions specific to their needs.

Investor Opportunities

Our Co-Investors range from individuals to hedge funds, institutional investors, family offices and investment banks.

Our Value

We help our Business Partners and Co-Investor’s meet their objectives by devising financing strategies and structured investment solutions that will capitalize their unique business opportunities.
We build trust and support our Business Partners with resources, talent, and strategic guidance to achieve their full potential and help accelerate their growth to become efficient market leaders.
We partner with founders and management of growth-oriented companies as their corporate finance advisers and often as their first institutional capital investor.
We leverage our financial and operating experience with our strong network of seasoned executives to create long-lasting value for our Business Partners.

Our Strategic Value Concept


We offer our clients broad and comprehensive support across the project spectrum with creativity, resources, and keen market knowledge; we create bandwidth by taking on corporate finance and capital raising activities so that our clients can focus on running and growing their business. Our commitment is to add strategic value and deliver results.

Business Planning & Analysis

Using proven methodologies and our collective experience we deliver unparalleled insight to our clients.

Valuation & Financial Modeling

Our Valuation & Modeling services help our clients make decisions confidently with improved results.

Structured Financing

We have considerable experience in raising capital for all types of companies, at all stages of development.

Marketing & Investor Relations

We help our clients communicate their unique business opportunities to their investors and shareholders effectively.

Accounting & Corporate Secretarial

We deal with complex accounting structures keeping abreast of legal and regulatory changes.


We help management integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and smart automation tools to improve productivity and augment the decision-making process.

Years of Experience

With decades of combined experience in corporate finance, we have extensive relationships with equity and mezzanine co-investors, senior lenders, consultants and service providers.

Network of Strong Relationships


We have developed a strong network of domestic and international relationships with leading financial institutions, equity providers, high net worth individuals, operating partners, and senior business executives. This network allows us to access information, expertise and capital resources at critical points in the investment process.

We have considerable experience in financing all types of companies, at all stages of development from eCommerce start-ups to new technology companies in mature industries. We assess funding requirements and devise the best structured financing options.

Service Partners

Our service partners include:
  • Accounts & Auditors
  • Chartered Business Valuators
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Business Intelligence Specialists
  • Industry Experts & Consultants

Funding Partners

Our capital partners include:
  • Financial Institutions
  • Venture & Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Hedge Funds
  • High/Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

Wide Industry Focus

We maintain a flexible investment mandate to capitalize and take advantage of attractive opportunities across a broad range of industries.

Our Team


Our team brings together diverse backgrounds that includes private equity, senior and financial management, operations, investment banking and other disciplines.