Our Approach

We have developed a strong network of domestic and international relationships with leading financial institutions, equity providers, high net worth individuals, operating partners, and senior business executives. This network allows us to access information, expertise and capital resources at critical points in the investment process.

We have considerable experience in financing for all types of companies, in all stages of development from eCommerce start-ups to new technology companies in mature industries. We can assess funding requirements and determine the best form of capital raise.

Deviser maintains a flexible investment mandate to capitalize on the ever-changing conditions in the economy and financial markets, and to take advantage of attractive opportunities across a broad range of industries and transaction structures.

We strive to be a market leader in the provision of structured investments to a wide range of investor groups including individuals, hedge funds, institutional investors, family offices and investment banks. These packaged investment strategies offer potentially higher yields than actual market returns.


Investment Philosophy

Combining the protection of capital with the ability to generate investment growth are the two core pillars of our investment philosophy. It is through our relationships with our A rated Co-Investors that we create a range of innovative structured products based on interest rates, equity themes, sectors and regions, leveraging the expertise within our local and global advisory teams when selecting underlying assets and structures.


We do stringent due diligence

Investment Criteria

Deviser believes that lower middle market companies continue to provide attractive investment opportunities. We seek to identify companies and management teams that have the value proposition, executive leadership and strategic vision to become leaders in their industry.

Deviser focuses on investments in companies across the major industry sectors that we believe have several of the following characteristics:

  1. Proven Business Model – Demonstrated market adoption, typically represented by $10 – 100 million in revenue and/or $1 – 10 million of EBITDA at investment.
  2. Market-tested value proposition – Provides higher quality products or services at lower overall costs.
  3. Substantial growth opportunity – Well‐positioned for transformational revenue and profit growth (3-5x over the life of the investment).
  4. Accomplished CEO & management team – Results‐oriented culture with accomplished and experienced management.
  5. Sector where Deviser believes it can add meaningful value – Deviser’s team has successfully invested in similar businesses and/or has access to experts and customers to help the business achieve its growth objectives.
Deviser matches the structure of its investment to meet the company’s needs. We are comfortable co-investing in a control or minority position, however, our investment group typically forms the largest shareholder group with material governance rights when taking a minority position.


Value Building & Investment Process

Deviser’s investment team employs a unique diligence and investment process. This repeatable process focuses on leveraging deep “fieldwork” and proprietary diligence sources to engender loyalty and respect with our Business Partner and their management team, while building value in support of the company’s long-term growth plan and vision. There are several foundational tenets to this approach that we believe differentiate Deviser from other growth capital firms.


Deviser provides Business Partners with access to proprietary diligence sources via our network of current and former executives/board members and industry experts that add value. We introduce potential investments to real customers, real partners and real executives throughout the diligence and investment process.


Deviser’s industry and investing experience helps enable us to say yes or no to an investment opportunity quickly.


Deviser’s diligence process focuses on “fieldwork” vs. third-party consultants to assess the company’s capabilities and market opportunity. We also partner with the management team throughout the process to develop and refine the long-term growth plan.