Corporate Secretarial Services

Many businesses are unaware and unprepared for the day-to-day details of maintaining a public company. If you’re unfamiliar with complex securities and stock exchange requirements, keeping up can drain your resources and distract you from running your real business.

We have partnered with Wiklow Proactive Corporate Services to provide comprehensive secretarial services, regulatory compliance and continuous disclosure services for our Business Partners.  They’re the experts in keeping public companies in compliance with securities and exchange requirements ensuring they are met accurately and on time, and leave you with peace of mind and the time to develop and grow your business. These services include:

Board of DIrectors Meetings

Assistance with meetings of  Board of Directors and Board committee meetings by preparing the meeting agenda, taking minutes, recording decisions and drafting policy documents.

Shareholder Meetings

Assistance with annual shareholders meeting in the preparation of proxy material and by acting as a liaison with transfer agent and provide scrutineer services at shareholder meetings.

Governance Advice

Providing governance advice to directors and management team regarding current, new and prospective regulatory issues and orientate new directors.

Liaising with Agents & Regulators

Liaising with auditors, lawyers, transfer agent, securities commissions and exchanges and preparation of compliance diaries to ensure timely and accurate filings with regulatory bodies.

Exchange Filings

Maintaining and updating of reports on stock option plans, share purchase warrants and interest payments on any notes or convertible debentures.

Public Offerings

Preparing documentation with respect to public offerings and private placements.

Financial Statements

Assisting management in the preparation of Management’s Discussion & Analysis and review of financial statements for accuracy; providing guidance to management as to the reporting requirements in the MD&A.

Exchange Applications

Preparing applications to the stock exchanges to seek approval for stock options, private placements, escrow transfers and releases, shares for debt settlements, reorganizations, acquisitions and disposition of properties, etc.

SEDI Filings & Insider Trading Reports

Reviewing and updating of insider trading policies; training insiders and Board of Directors on insider trading and other compliance issues; and developing blackout policies and monitoring insider trading reporting.

US Filings & Applications

Preparing US Registration Statements, Form 20-F’s, 10-Q quarterly filings and 10-K annual filings, and other US filings, including Form 8-K, Form S-8, etc.
Corporate Profile

Since 1996, Wiklow has been helping companies in the resource, financial, and service sectors to keep up with the daily securities and exchange demands on public companies, as well as keeping them up-to-date on relevant issues, policies and working practices.

Wiklow’s experience and contacts within the securities industry and the stock exchanges means they know how to get things done – in a timely and cost-efficient manner. You will receive personalized service, unwavering attention to detail and timely response to your needs all coordinated through Deviser Capital – all at discounted prices that you can afford.

Donna M. Moroney joined Wiklow Corporate Services as President effective December 31, 2008. With over 30 years of extensive experience in regulatory and corporate compliance in both Canada and the United States, and as a senior officer for various public companies, Donna’s knowledge and ability to identify the needs of her clients is impressive. Donna has instructed and provided training in the areas of regulatory compliance.