Our Funding Platform

Deviser is exploring all possible ways it can expand its capabilities in helping its Business Partners raise the necessary capital they require to develop and grow their unique business opportunities.


Deviser is currently working with a crowdfunding software specialist to develop its funding platform that will allow its Business Partners to leverage general solicitation and crowdfunding exemption rules to raise capital from high net worth and retail investors in Canada and in the US.

Blockchain Technology:

To further expand our capabilities, Deviser is concurrently researching other possible ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs involved in raising capital, particularly those costs associated with third party intermediaries. Deviser plans to utilize blockchain technology in its funding platform to ensure that our Business Partners and Co-Investors have a sustainable advantage over their competitors.

“Blockchain Will Do to the Financial System What the Internet Did to Media” – Harvard Business Review (March 2017).

More Details Coming Soon!