Business Intelligence Services

Data is king in business today. Nearly every business is collecting, analyzing, and using data to drive future business decisions. Businesses are investing in systems for customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), and enterprise resource management (ERP) to handle the myriad types of data within a complex organization.

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)

An ERP manages and integrates certain business processes, such as sales, marketing, human resources, manufacturing, planning, and inventory control. Organizations use ERP to develop predictive models of the business, create strategic plans and manage complexity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM allows companies to collect data on their customers and potential customers, including order histories, mailing preferences, responses to marketing pieces, and contacts. Organizations use a CRM to target customers with the right sales and marketing messages, analyze the results of campaigns, and reach their customers at the right time.

Business Intelligence (BI)

BI systems take information from disparate parts of the organization stored in a data warehouse and display and report on that data in charts, documents, and tables. Managers use this aggregated information to make better-informed business decisions.
While there are a number of commonalities among these three systems, each has a distinct, job-specific role within the organization. Together, the interrelated functions of these systems are a powerful opportunity for companies to formulate visionary plans.  These investments are sound and prudent in a world where data can make the difference in gaining market share and revenue.  Yet, with disparate systems comes a new need: Integration

The power of integration

Integrated systems provide a dynamic opportunity that lets businesses anticipate, not react. We have partnered with NT, a company that works with businesses in a range of sectors to create the right systems. With extensive knowledge of various vendors and products, our partnership with NT can help companies deploy the right customized and integrated solutions that meet their needs.
NT is an international consulting firm, specializing in technology that can help our clients manage their customers and business. This includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Business Intelligence (BI), Cloud and On-premise solutions for most mid-sized businesses.
We choose NT as a partner because:


  • Its consultants have an average of 25 years’ experience in both consulting and industry.
  • They understand the software and customer challenges, value teamwork, and are passionate about doing great work
  • They have the biggest and most experienced Sage X3 team in the industry, implementing Sage X3 since the product’s introduction.
  • They provide clear information that helps customers make informed buying decisions
  • They stand by their customers to make sure the technology works, is used, and produces great results

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