Investor & Public Relations Services

We are committed to establishing a strong communications channel with the Company’s shareholders and prospective investors to keep them well informed of the Company’s progress and success.
Our goal is to help our Business Partners become known in several new and important regional financial communities.  This increased exposure can benefit a Company in many ways, all of which are of interest to stockholders. Growing the investor base is also a critical factor for the long-term success of our Business Partners as publicly listed companies. The beneficial outcome of the services we provide include: greater liquidity in a Company’s common shares, higher trading volumes and a greater awareness of a Company’s business and operations by the financial institutions and the investing public.  Our services include:


We will develop and compose all the necessary marketing materials including an Executive Summary and Corporate Presentation to effectively communicate the investment opportunity to the investment community. This will include presentation materials suited for both the investment professionals as well as institutional and retail investors.


Using such aids as news releases, annual reports, quarterlies and corporate presentation materials which we help you develop, we will maintain a strong and effective communication strategy with shareholders, investors and other interested groups. The publicity we generate will build a larger following in the financial community. We will review monthly with management the objectives, problems and actions being taken in the marketing to the financial community to ensure we are meeting all the communication requirements of our Business Partners.


We will conduct ongoing meetings and presentations to the financial markets to spread the word and increase the awareness of our Business Partners. This will included broker meetings and regular investor presentations.


We will coordinate all the market making activities to ensure there is an active and orderly market in the Company’s shares. We will also work with investors that need assistance in either buying or selling their shares. We cannot and will not provide investment suitability advise but we will make introductions to trusted Investment Advisors at full service financial institutions if advice is needed or assist investors with setting up online trading accounts with discount brokerage firms if that is their preference. Either way, we will use a hand holding approach to ensure shareholders and qualified investors are well taken care of.